Fragile by Justin R. Macumber

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An abomination stalks the streets of Mayfair, snatching children from their homes and leaving in their places dolls, whose Fragile Macumbershattered porcelain skin and scorched eyes crush the hopes of their grieving families. Maya Gallows, paranormal investigator and psychic, seeks to stop the evil before it can claim another victim. As Maya faces this terrible foe, an even greater darkness stirs within her. Can she save not only the children of Mayfair, but her own fragile soul?

Fragile is the second book in the Gallows Investigations horror series, which began with the bestselling Still Water.

Praise for Justin R. Macumber

“In FRAGILE, Macumber’s spooky follow-up to STILL WATER, the author deftly weaves elements of The Exorcist and all the best witch stories, and slathers a perfect Stephen King sensibility on it, keeping the characters and locations real, and taking time both to delve into the nuances of life and the dripping detail you want in a good horror story. With FRAGILE, Macumber joins the ranks of Joe Hill, Justin Cronin, Stephen M. Irwin, and Michael Koryta as the new elite caretakers of atmospheric horror.” – Kane Gilmour, International Bestselling Author of THE CRYPT OF DRACULA

“FRAGILE is my most anticipated horror novel of 2016. Macumber spins creepy yarns and keeps me turning pages when I should be sleeping.”- Jeremy Robinson, international bestselling author of APOCALYPSE MACHINE.

“Justin Macumber’s FRAGILE is a creepy mix of old school horror and supernatural suspense. Its eerie setting, sinister protagonist, and suspense make for an unsettling but satisfying read.” – Paul E Cooley, Author of THE BLACK

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