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The Concordances of the Red Serpent by William Meikle

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Patty Doyle holds the secret to eternal life, but it may only bring her an early death. Patty is working on a journal of a 14th Century alchemist. But after mentioning it in her blog she gets to the office to find everyone brutally murdered. Now she’s on the run pursued by a killer who […]

The Watchers Trilogy!

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Just out! The Watchers Trilogy by William Meikle! Book 1- THE COMING OF THE KING It is 1745, and the long awaited night has come.The BloodKing calls his army to battle and will bring them South to claim his birthright; the throne of Britain.Only the young Watchers on the old wall stand in his way.It […]

Written in blood

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Just released! The darkest secrets can afford to be patient… From the author of the STREET trilogy and The Impostor Prince comes a dark epic fantasy in the tradition of Mark Lawrence and Game of Thrones! Karl Byren has fallen a long way since his youth in the King’s Army. Washed up, reduced to mercenary […]

The Prisoner

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Just in time for Halloween, Sean Ellis brings you The Prisoner, a novelette featuring the pulp icon Doctor Satan- the world’s weirdest criminal. Doctor Satan, the World’s Weirdest Villain—the classic 1930’s pulp character created for Weird Tales magazine—has finally been brought to justice. A fantastic prison, from which escape is impossible, has been built to […]

Free for a Limited Time!

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Flank Hawk, book one of Terry W. Ervin II’s First Civilization’s Legacy series, is free through Thursday! What’s more, if you download the free Kindle ebook, you can buy the companion audiobook for only $1.99! Check it out! Kindle    Nook     Kobo    iBooks

A Halloween Treat!

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On sale in ebook for 99 cents through Halloween! Still Water, the horror novel from Justin R. Macumber. Coal is the hard, black heart of the mountain town of Stillwater, West Virginia, but far beneath it lies something much darker, an evil beyond time, waiting to rise and bathe the world in blood and fire […]

New Today from Gryphonwood!

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Gryphonwood is proud to announce the re-release of Ascendant: A Mira Raiden Adventure. Ascendant is the first book in the Dark Trinity series. If you love Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, or the works of James Rollins  or David Wood, you’ll love this book! This special edition includes a preview of the second book in the […]

Hell Ship now available!

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We are pleased to announce the release of David Wood & Sean Ellis’s Hell Ship, the second in the DANE AND BONES ORIGINS series, out today! In Hell Ship, our heroes, along with Willis and Professor, have progressed beyond SEAL training and find themselves on a mission that, in true Maddock tradition, turns out to […]

New Audio Thriller from J.F. Penn!

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Do you love action-adventure? Are you a fan of Dan Brown, Indiana Jones, James Rollins, or National Treasure? If so, you’ll love Pentecost, the first in J.F. Penn’s ARKANE series. It’s available in print and ebook, or you can check out the brand new audiobook narrated by Veronica Giguere!